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Free Trade Day strives to improve the lives of ordinary Australians by working with business and trade communities to deliver services to those that need it the most.

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1 August

The Business of Kindness: See the Impact of Free Trade Day

What is Free Trade Day?

What we do

As Tradespeople, we see some terrible situations. Families struggling to make ends meet, the elderly alone in their homes with limited financial resources, our neighbours struggling to complete essential maintenance repairs to their homes.

Once a year, Free Trade Day brings together Tradespeople to help these very people by offering a day of free Trade Services. In 2024, Free Trade Day will be happening on October 25.

Free Trade Day is a Lions Club Project

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Free Trade Day is not government funded and relies on donations from the generous public and sponsors to help as many people as we can reach. Please help us extend this reach by donating to Free Trade Day via the link below. 

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